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                          WORKING GROUP 2017

             Breed                                          Judge                               Dogs / Entry

 with CCs on offer

Alaskan Malamute                         Mrs V P Avory

Boxer                                        Mr J T Smith

Bullmastiff                                    Mrs B Bodle

Dobermann                               Mr D M Jackson

Great Dane                                    Mr Peter King

Leonburger                               Mr R A W Searle

Mastiff                                           Mr S Pass

Newfoundland                           Mrs J Groves

Rottweiler                                      Mr Robert Taylor

Siberian Husky                           Mrs D M Penniston Fleming

   without CCs on offer 

Bernese Mountain Dog               Miss L Marsden

Dogue de Bordeaux                       Mr V Rodger

Giant Schnauzer                         Mrs B Evans

Neapolitan Mastiff                        Mr K Young

Russian Black Terrier                Mr A Mease

St Bernard                                    Mrs K Forster

Tibetan Mastiff                          Mr K Young

A.V.N.S.C & Import Register      Mr K Young


Stakes Classes

Pro Plan/Dog World Puppy Stakes      Mr D Killilea

Abtech Yearling Stakes                         Mr E M Paterson

Veteran Stakes                                      Mr E M Paterson

Eukanuba Champion  Stakes              Mr D Killilea

Abtech Special Beginners Stakes        Mr K Young

The Merriott Plastics Junior Stakes   Mr K Young

The Good Citizens Dog Scheme Class   Mr A Mease

Young Kennel Club Handing Classes for members of the Young Kennel Club.

Aged 6 - 11 years; 12 - 16 years; 17 to 21years;  Judge Mr Thomas Sherlock

Working Group Judge;-  Mr K Baldwin


2016 Working Group Winner.   Judge Mr Frank Wildman



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                                                                                    Group 4

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