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Rules & Regulations

Exhibitors please note:   ENTRIES CLOSE: TUESDAY 14th July 2015 (Postmark)
1. The show will open at 7.30 am each day.
2. Dogs will be received until 11.00am and after which time no dogs may be received except under exceptional and unforseen circumstances and by special permission of the show management.
3. Judging will commence at 9.00 am.
4. Exhibits may be removed from the show after their judging has been completed.  Exhibits may not be removed any earlier unless by written order of the Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Practitioner or of the Show Management and then only in very exceptional and unforseen circumstances which must be reported to the Kennel Club. The show will close half an hour after all judging has been completed at which time all dogs must be removed.
5. The use of cooking stoves in the proximity of tenting and benching areas is forbidden except as authorised by the Show Management.
6.  Entry fees (all include VAT) : Breeds with CCs ;£26, 1st entry per dog; Breeds without CCs £14 1st entry per dog; Each susequent entry with same dog ( includes K.C. Handling classes )£5; Not for competition £14; 1st entrys in Stakes £14; Stakes if subsequent entry £5;  Catalogues £6 pre paid,(to be collected by 11.00am); Car Park £4 pre paid (£5 on the day); Caravan £45 if pre booked, £50 if paid on arrival. You may enter on line at www.dog.biz
7.  There will be no Prize Money in the breed or A.V.N.S.C. classes.
8.   The committee reserves the right to refuse entries.  
9.  Puppies under the age of six calendar months of age on the first day of the show are not eligible for exhibitition.
10.  The mating of bitches within the precincts of the show is forbidden.
11.  Best Puppy in Show.   There is no competition for Best Puppy in Show.
12.  Best in Show. From 1st January 2015, and for a period of two years the Kennel Club Show Regulations which stipulate that dogs must be entered and exhibited in a breed class before exhibiting in an Any Variety Class/Stakes Class and that only unbeaten dogs are eligible to compete in the group or best in competitions are suspended (Please refer to the FAQs on the Kennel Club Website for further information).
The dog declared Best in Show is a dog which has competed and is unbeaten by any other dog exhibited at the same show.
Definition of a Category 3 Breed.  A breed from time to time designated by the General Committee as requiring particular monitoring by reason of visible condition(s) which may cause health or welfare concerns.   The list of designated Category 3 Breeds is kept under regular review.
a. Shows Judged on the Group System.
(Definition: Shows judged on the Group system include classes for breeds within more than one Group, as defined in Kennel Club Regulation B(A): and requires a judge to declare a Best of each Group after which the exhibits so declared will compete for the award of Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show)
(1) Best of Breed.
Where a breed is sparately classified a Best of Breed may be declared from those exhibits which have received a first prize in a breed class at the show.  Where separate classes are provided for each sex of a breed a Best of Sex must be declared.
NOTE:  The Best of Breed/Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified award relevant to a HIgh Profile Breed will not be confirmed until the dog has passed an examiniation by the General and Group Championship Show Veterinary Surgeon.
(2) Best of Group. From 1st January 2015, and for a period of two years the Kennel Club Show Regulations which stipulate that dogs must be entered and exhibited in a breed class before exhibiting in an Any Variety Class/Stakes Class and that only unbeaten dogs are eligible to compete in the group or best in competitions are suspended. (Please refer to the FAQs on the Kennel Club Website for further information).
Best of Group and subsequent group placings must be selected from;
   (a) The Best of Breed winners in each Group provided they are unbeaten winning dogs.
   (b) The best unbeaten winning dog from Any Variety Not Separately Classified classes in each group or on each day
NOTE: The dog declared Best of Breed.Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified from a breed designated by the Kennel Club as a High Profile breed is not eligible to compete in the Group competition unless it has passed an examination by the Show's Veterinary Surgeon.  If the dog fails to pass the examination it is ineligible to compete in the relevant Group.
(3) Best in Show. From 1st January 2015, and for a period of two years the Kennel Club Show Regulations which stipulate that dogs must be entered and exhibited in a breed class before exhibiting in an Any Variety Class/Stakes Class and that only unbeaten dogs are eligible to compete in the group or best in competitions are suspended. (Please refer to the FAQs on the Kennel Club Website for further information).
Best in Show must be selected from the Best of Group winners provided they are unbeaten.  Reserve Best in Show must be selected from the remaining Group winners following selection of Best in Show.
b. Withdrawal from Other Competition.
Dogs which become eligible for Best of Group and Best in Show may be withdrawn from all other competition (other than Breed Classes and Best of Breed)prior to the competition for Best of Group or Best in Show as appropriate in order to remain unbeaten.  A dog beaten in competition for Best of Group or Best in Show may susequently be exhibited in all competition for which it was previously eligible.  The dogs declared Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show however must not compete in any subsequent competition.  Dogs may be withdrawn from Any Variety Classes when judged before Breed Classes.
c. Proviso.
For the purpose of this regulation dogs beaten in competition for Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Progeny, Brace and Team or a Special Award confined to a single Breed, will not be considered to be beaten dogs. 
13.  Exhibits will not be admitted to Group or Best in Show competition after a period of ten minutes has elapsed since the announcement that exhibits are required for judging, unless they have been unavoidably delayed by previous judging not being completed on time, and then only with the special permission of the Show management.
14.  No modifications will be made to this schedule except by permission of the General Committee of the Kennel Club, which will be followed by advertisement in the Canine press wherever possible.
15.  All exhibitors must be familiar with Kennel Club Regulation F, Annex B - Regulations for the preparation of dogs for exhibitition.
16. All dogs resident outside of the UK must be issued with a Kennel CLub Authority to compete number before entry to the show can be made.  All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the exhibitor/competitor.
17. DOGS IN HOT CARS ON HOT DAYS.  Your dog is vulnerable and at risk during hot weather and the Kennel club offers the following guidance to help guide you through the do's and dont's travelling to and whilst at Kennel Club Licensed events.
* When travelling to a show please take a moment to consider whether the route to the show is on a bust holiday route and leave earlier to avoid increased time intraffic jams.
* If your vehicle is not air conditioned seriously consider whether travelling to the show is a good idea at all.
* The vehicle should be as fully ventilated as possible, and plenty of stops should be taken, with lots of water available to drink.
* Ensure your dog is not sitting in full sunlight, There should be plenty of free flowing air around the dog.
* When at the show, never leave your dog in the vehicle.
* Keep the dog in the shade - take your own shade, for example a large umberella and always have plenty of water available to drink so your dog stays well hydrated.
* Avoid your dog taking part in unneccesary exertion, or from standing in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.
Remember if you feel hot your dog is very likely to feel much hotter and dehydrated, and this could lead to dire results.  Please look after your dog's welfare.
18. Not for Competition entries will be accepted.  Details of each dog so entered must be recorded on the entry form and must be Kennel Club registered. Regulation F.1.c: Only dogs of six calendar months of age and over on the first day of the show are eligible for exhibition at Kennel Club licensed shows. However societies may accept Not for Competition entries at their discretion and dogs aged four calendar months of age and over are eligible to enter Not for Competition at all Kennel Club licensed shows.  Furthermore dogs aged four calendar months and over are eligible to enter Match Competitions.
19.  All entries must be made on or before Tuesday 14th July 2015 upon the forms enclosed for that purpose. They will be accepted provided they bear a Royal Mail postmark not later than 14th July 2015.  In your own interest please use first class mail.
20.  Entry fees will not be refunded once an entry has been made. The entrance fee of a dog entered but not sent for exhibition will also be forfeited.
21.  If acknowledgement of entries is required, a stamp addressed  postcard with "receipt" written on the reverse side should be enclosed for the Secretarys signature.
22.  All dogs must be accompanied and have a strong chain and collar.
23.  NO CAGES will be provided for Toy dogs. Normal benching will be provided.
24.  The committe is empowered to exclude or remove any dog which is, in the opinion of the Veterinary Surgeon of the Show, not in a fit state for exhibitition owing to disease, vice or other cause.
25.  The Catalogue will contain the owners names in each breed in alphabetical order, with their dogs in numerical order.  All breeds will be benched together.  No bench numbers shall be changed from one pen to another and no dog shall be benched on any but its own numbered bench.  Under no circumstances may partitions between dogs be removed (Vide K.C. Reg 17(c) ).  Exhibits must be removed from their benches half an hour after all judging has been completed.
26.  Each exhibitor will receive a FREE PASS for EACH DOG entered.
27.  No dog shall be absent from its bench except for the purpose of being prepared for exhibitition, judged, excercised or by order of the Veterinary Surgeon or Show Committee. After being prepared for exhibitition the dog must be placed on its bench.  No dog shall be absent from its bench for the purpose of being excercised longer than 15 minutes.  If a dog is not on its bench when required for judging the Committee will not be held responsible for its absence from the Show Rings.  Dogs may be absent from the benches and be present at the Ringside when their breed is being judged.
28.  No animal other than a dog duly entered for the show will be allowed within the precincts of the show during its continuance.
29.  Should any judge be prevented from fulfilling his engagement, the Committee reserve to themselves the right to appoint another in their place.  Exhibitors are at liberty to withdraw from competition but no entry fee will be refunded.  The Judges will be instructed and empowered to withold the prize or prizes in any class if, in their opinion, the dog or dogs exhibited do not possess sufficient merit.  Judges are not empowered to give prizes beyond those offered in the schedule of prizes.  All judges are required to take the Classes in each breed in the order in which they are entered in the Judging Book.
30.  Conversation is not allowed in the Judging Ring.  Exhibitors showing dogs are not permitted to hold conversation with Judges during the competition and any exhibitors who persist in addressing the Judges after being requested not to do so by the Ring Steward, the Judge, or any of the Committee, may be disqualified and any prize awarded to his or her dog or dogs forfeited.  No person other than the exhibitors (Officials Excepted) will be allowed in the ring during the judging of classes or specials.
31. All Rules & Regulations, or Definitions or Instructions of the nature of Rules and Regulations printed for convenience in other parts of this Schedule shall be deemed to be the Regulations of the show Committee and shal have the same effect as if they formed part of these regulations.
32. The committee can accept no responsibility for grooming products advertised or sold by trade stand holders at the show and remind exhibitors that grooming products on sale may not meet requirements of the Regulation for the Preparation of Dogs for exhibition.
33. Any owner, competitor, handler or other person in charge of a dog is required to remove as soon as possible any fouling caused bt their dog(s) at any Kennel Club Licensed show within the licensed venue and within the environs of that event incliding car and caravan parks and approaches.   The show will provide adequate exercise areas for exhibitors to exercise their dogs in.   Exhibitors and handlers are required to clear up any fouling by dogs in their charge.  Special bins will be provided for the disposal of fouling.   Special stewards will be appointed to enforce the arrangements.
34.  Special places will be provided for the convenience of exhibitors desiring to prepare their dogs for exhibition.  No exhibitor shall prepare their dog for exhibition anywhere in the show except these special places.
35.   Every exhibitor making an entry or entries for the show shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by the Kennel Club Rules and Show Regulations and it is on this understanding only that entries are received.
36.  DOGS IN CARS.   Remedial action will be taken in the event of dogs left in cars being found in a distressed condition.
37.   The owner, exhibitor, handler or other person in charge of a dog at a Kennel Club licesed events must at all times ensure that the dog is kept under control whilst at the licensed venue, including its environs, car and caravan parks and approaches.
38.  A dog may be disqualified by the general committee from any award, whether an objection has been lodged or not, if proved amongst other things to have been registered or recorded as having been bred by the scheduled Judge.   This shall not apply to a Judge appointed in an emergency.
39.  Every exhibitor shall ensure that whilst the dog is being exhibited, its handler shall display the correct ring number.
40. The Committee of the Kennel Club shall be the final court of appeal or umpire in all questions or disputes of any kind whatsoever (except where such powers are delegated by the Kennel Club.) arising out of Kennel Club Limited Rules & Regulations.  A person attending or entering a dog for any Show shall, by such act, be deemed to have agreed with the Committee of the Kennel Club or delegated authority to refer any such question or dispute to the Committee or delegated authority, as the case may be, under the provisions of the Arbitrations Act 1889, or any statutory notice therof.
41.  Safety of Dogs.The committee will not be reponsible for the loss, detention of or damage to any dog, person or property whether arising from accident or any other cause whatever, or from any act or omiission of itself, its officers, agents, servants or others or the damage done by the exhibitors to any personoe property.
42.  Responsibility. The committee of the Driffield Agricultural Society will not be in any way responsible for any claim for injury or compensation occasioned by or arising out of the holding of the show or by any reason of the act or default of any person in attendance or present thereat. Neither do they accept any responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any dog tables, cages,boxes or personal effects at this show.
43.  Photography & Video Rights.  The organisers would like to bring the regulation on photography and filming to the attention of exhibitors, trade stands, press and visitors.  It is a condition of all those attending the event that no filming or other form of recoding may be taken or made at the venue without express written permission of the organisers. The taking of photographs in the show venue for sale or reward is strictly prohibited except with the written permission of the organisers.  Press accredited photographers are provided with permission to take photographs ONLY for use in newspapers, magazines and internet sites - this is for news purposes only.  There is no objection to the general public taking photographs of general views of the show, provided that these are for private use.  Specific dogs may be photographed only with the approval of the exhibitor.  No photography or filming is permitted in breed judging rings whilst judging is actually taking place.  However, judges may allow it to happenat the end of classes or after the challenge certificate is awarded.  Filming and flash photography is allowed from outside the rings at all times unless the operation of the camera is actually affecting exhibits.  However, if a powerful flash unit is used or it is clear that exhibits are being affected, a ring steward or the judge is empowered to stop the person concerned.

Hon. Secretary.   Driffield Championship Dog Show


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