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Classification Detail

In the following definitions, a Challenge Certificate includes any Show award that counts towards the title of Champion under the Rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club.  Show awards issued by the Irish Kennel Club which count towards the title of Champion, shall be five point Green stars or more.  Wins at Championship Shows in breed classes where Challenge Certificates are not on offer shall be counted as wins at open shows.  In the case of a dog owned in partnership and entered in members classes or competing for Members Specials each partner must at the time of entry be a member of the society.  In estimating the number of awards won, all wins up to and including the seventh day before the date of closing of entries shall be counted when entering for any class, ie Tuesday 7th July 2015.
Wins in Variety classes do not count for entry in breed classes but when entering for Variety classes, wins in both breed and variety classes must be counted.  A first prize does not include a special prize of whatever value.   A dog is not eligible for Variety classes unless also entered and subsequently exhibited in a Breed class where such a class is provided for which it is eligible.
Exemptions from this Regulation are:
(1) A puppy, unless a class for dogs under 12 months of age for which it is eligible is provided for the breed.
(2) A dog in Any Variety Veteran class
(3) A dog in Any Variety Champion Class.
(4) A dog which is withdrawn from exhibition in breed classes as a result of the appointment of an emergency judge.
(5) A dog in The Young Kennel Club Stakes Classes.
(6) A dog in KC Good Citizen Classes.
(7) Exhibits bred by the scheduled breed Judge.  If an exhibitor reports before the judging of a class or classes that a dog has been entered which is ineligible, the exhibitor may choose one of the following options:
(1) Withdrawal.  The dog may be withdrawn from competition subject to the conditions of Regulation 9(j) and 20.
(2) Transfer.
 (a) If a dog is ineligible for a class or classes as regards breed, colour, sex, weight or height the show Secretary shall transfer it to the equivalent class or classes for the correct breed, colour, sex, weight or height and, in thr event ot there being no equivilalent class, Minor Puppy and puppy excepted, to the open class      for the correct breed, colour, sex, weight or height.
 (b) For an exhibit entered incorrectly in a Minor Puppy class or Puppy class, which is over age but under 12 calendar months of age or eighteen calendar months of age respectively, the show secretary shall transfer the exhibit to the Puppy class, the Junior class or the Yearling class respectively for the correct breed, colour, sex, weight or height and in the event of there being no Puppy, Junior or Yearling class to the open class for the correct breed, colour, sex, weight, or height.
 (c) For any reason other than above, The Show Secretary shall transfer it to the open class  for the correct breed, colour,
sex, weight or height.
 (d)  If an exhibitor arrives late and misses a class, even if it is the only class in which the dog is entered, the dog may not be transfered to any other class.
MINOR PUPPY For dogs of 6 and not exceeding 9 calendar months of age on the first day of the show.
PUPPY For dogs of 6 and not exceeding 12 calendar months of age on the first day of the show.
JUNIOR  For dogs of 6 and not exceeding 18 calendar months of age on the first day of the show.
POST GRADUATE  For dogs which have not won a challenge Certificate or 5 or more First Prizes at Championship Shows in Post Graduate, Minor Limit, Mid Limit, Limit or Open Classes, whether restricted or not.
LIMIT For dogs which have not won 3 Challenge Certificates under 3 different Judges or 7 or more First Prizes in all at Championship Shows in Limit, and Open classes, confined to the breed whether restricted or not, at Shows where Challenge Certificates were offered for the breed.
OPEN For all dogs of the breeds for which the class is provided and eligible for entry at the Show.
ANY VARIETY NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED. For breeds of dog for which no separate breed classes are scheduled.
NOT FOR COMPETITION  Societies may at their discretion, accept Not for Competition entries. Societies may accept such entries from breeds of dog not included within the title of the Society and at Shows held over more than one day, such entries may be accepted on any day from any breed.
YEARLING For dogs of twelve and not exceeding twenty-four months of age on the first day of the show.
SPECIAL VETERAN STAKES  For dogs of not less than seven years of age on the first day of the show. A dog will not be eligible for entry if it has already won a similar class for the same event in 2015.
SPECIAL CHAMPION STAKES  For dogs which have been confirmed a Champion, Show Champion or Field Trial Champion. A dog will not be eligible for entry if it has already won a similar class for this event in 2015.
YOUNG KENNEL CLUB HANDLING CLASSES   Exhibitors may handle any dog provided it is  entered in a previous class at this show,fully registered on the Kennel Club Breed Register and eligible to be exhibited at Kennel Club Licensed events.  The 1st placed exhibitor from each YHC Handling class will be invited to take part in a YKC Handling Competition at Crufts 2016, provided when they qualify they are a fully paid up member of the YKC.  For the purpose of these classes handler's ages should be calculated as their age on the first day of the Show. THe age groups are 6-11 years (for handlers 6years and up to, but not including 12th birthday); 12-16 (for handlers 12 years and up to, but not including 17th birthday); 17-24 (for handlers 17 years and up to, but not including 25th birthday).
Please note that the YKC office wil only accept wins from classes that are listed on the YKC website.  If a show schedules a YKC class which has not been approved by the YKC Management Team and published on the website, it will not qualify for Crufts.
Please note that in order to enter any YKC Crufts qualifying competition you must be a fully paid up member at the time of entry.  If you enter a Crufts qualifier and you have not previously paid your membership fee then any award will not count towards qualification for Crufts.  Therefore it is important to renew and maintain YKC membership as current if you wish to participate in qualifying Crufts competitions.
Important Information  The YKC will now only accept YKC qualifiers and will no longer be able to accept Junior Handling Association qualifiers from Open and Championship Shows.  

GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME For dogs that have achieved GCDS Bronze Award certificate or above.

Puppies born on or after 2nd April 2015 are not eligible for any class at this show  

Most classes are for either DOGS OR BITCHES The only mixed classes are Champion Stakes, Veteran Stakes and Kennel Club AV Sponsored Good Citizens Dog Scheme Stakes.

NOTE - Stakes Classes with the exception of Young Kennel Club Handling classes will not be judged before 1.00pm
HOW TO ENTER,    Use either the official entry form and mail to the Secretary on or before the closing date or On line using Higham Press web site www.dog.biz

Please make Cheques/Postal orders payable to:-
Please print your Name, Address, and Breed of Dog on the reverse of cheques etc.

Entries and Enquiries to
Hon Secretary
Martin C Freeman
Long Lane
Shirebrook Mansfield
NG20 8AZ
Telephone (01623) 747006

Important Note:-  Returned cheques will be subject to £10 surcharge


Remedial action will be taken in the event of dogs left in cars being found in a distressed condition.

Exhibitors Please Note  In accordance with new Kennel Club guidelines, Exhibitors must display exhibit number/owner identification on their crate, cage or container at all times.

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